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Hardware Sales & Services

Businesses require computer infrastructure to connect with others and handle the large amount of data that is required for day-to-day activities. 1Plug offers critical enterprise grade components and the accessories and services required to integrate them.
  • IBM - Intel-based Windows and Linux servers as well as POWER-based Linux, AIX, and IBM i servers
  • IBM - direct-attached or Storage Area Network (SAN) storage arrays
  • Lenovo - ThinkVision monitors, ThinkCentre desktops, Thinkpad laptops and tablets, Thinkstation workstations, and Thinkserver servers
  • Cisco / Linksys - firewalls (ASAs) and switches
  • general products - printers, UPSes, surge suppressors, cables, consumables, and other ancillaries
  • integration services - assembly, hardware configuration, and operating system installation services


Software Sales & Services

Software applications are normally required in order to create, use, and manage business data. Some application types, such as email, web server, database, word processing, and spreadsheet, are so widely used that it is difficult to run a business without them. 1Plug has certified and experienced staff to assist customers in choosing, implementing, and administering applications for their business.
  • VMWare - virtualization, high availability, and virtualization management
  • Microsoft - operating systems, office suites
  • Red Hat / SuSE Linux - operating systems, email, office suites
  • Lotus - email, office suites, instant messaging, web conferencing, workflow, and collaboration
  • Tivoli - backup, archive, and disaster recovery
  • other applications - Kaspersky Anti-Virus, ACT, GoldMine, QuickBooks
  • installation and administration - install, configure, and administer software applications


Other Services

Many small businesses run very lean and have few if any staff with the knowledge and skills required to support their computer infrastructure. When these systems need to be repaired, reconfigured, or replaced, frequently no one on staff can perform this specialized work. 1Plug can provide the services to help keep your computer infrastructure running.
  • break / fix
  • infrastructure administration and support
  • firmware updates and upgrades
  • software updates and upgrades
  • hardware upgrades
  • wired and wireless network administration, support, and troubleshooting
  • help desk / desktop support

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